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The Science Of Reverse-Funnel Marketing

Vectis Marketing is  dedicated solely to helping businesses leverage the best marketing practices of billion-dollar industries (while avoiding the myths and confusion that hold most business owners back) so you can build a recognizable brand, drive traffic, create lifelong customers and have the relaxed lifestyle that you always dreamed that being a business owner would provide.

“A Constant Flow Of New Business On Autopilot”

Does This Sound Familiar?

If any of that sounds familiar, I know how you feel. Because…

I Used To Be In Your Shoes

image of Quinton Hamp with wifeHi! My Name is Quinton Hamp.

A lot of people seem to think I’ve always been in internet marketing… 

That I am one of those “Millennials” who  has an technological familiarity they could never match. 

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

The reality is that I grew up in a Mennonite community without TV’s, Computers or even a Radio. 

When I turned 16, I left the community, completed 4 years of schooling in 2 years (Mennonite school only goes until 8th grade) and enrolled in community college. 

When you talk about “the culture-shock of new technology”, I lived it. 

I graduated in 2008, in the middle of the Great Recession. And for years, I floundered, going from one call-center job to the next

My friends were winning: getting jobs, promotions and launching successful businesses. 

But every time I went in for a promotion, I got shot down. 

Then, our first child came along. 

It wasn’t enough to stay stuck. 

I needed to make my career happen. 

I started writing freelance for companies on Upwork in the evening. I would use that money to buy online marketing courses. 

Most of them were scams. 

Thankfully, it all changed overnight. A kid from Texas who was running a marketing agency and took me under his wing. He showed me exactly what I was missing. 

I finally realized that my years of struggling weren’t my fault! I could grow any business on command. 

I’ll explain more about the key piece I was missing in a second…

But first, I must address some myths that are stopping the growth of most small businesses dead in their tracks…


Myth #1 - You Need To Understand Each Platform

The first thing is, most businesses think that they need to master every new technology or they’ll be left behind. 

The more they study things like Meerkat, Friendster, Myspace, Vine, and Google Plus… 

(all fads that have since died)

That one day, it will “click” and the sales will pour in on auto-pilot. 

The truth is, the more you try to master a platform..

The more you lock yourself into one channel that might be cancelled at a moment’s notice. 

Yet all timeless marketers agree:

Omnipresent marketing is important. 

That’s why chasing indivdual platforms is a trap. 

The truth is, the only way to win in digital marketing is to follow a precise framework of marketing principles: 

Avatar +  Brand+ Traffic + Conversion + Offer

Once you get these principles instilled into your online presence, your company becomes channel-agnostic… this means you can take your message to any channel and get unmatched exposure and sales. 

Its those same, attention-grabbing principles that brands like Dollar Shave Club  used to get outsized reach. 

Myth #2 - You Need A Huge Budget To Be Successful At Marketing

The second big myth is that it takes a huge budget and the right connections to get enough only exposure. You’ve got to have the right “face” with the perfect “fibonacci ratios” to get the views. 

Yet any weathered marketing expert will tell you: none of that matters. 

The only thing that DOES matter, is ACTIONS your team takes daily to promote your business.


It’s like a GPS. If you know the destination, and follow the directions turn-by-turn, you WILL end up at the destination. 

Marketing is exactly the same. When you do the right things, in the correct order, you WILL end up at your destination. 

So, let me show you…

The 3 Things You Need To Run a Successful Marketing Campaign and Create Growth On Auto-pilot

1. Navigation Let’s You Move Freely Around Multiple Marketing Channels And Know The Campaign Will Work

Navigation can be best explained in the 4 skills, which, when added together, builds the marketing launch formula.

This launch formula  encompasses all of the psychological hooks needed to get the sale…  and gives you the confidence that your campaign is ready to go toe-to-toe for ad-budgets with big-money giants. 

That’s why, when you add the 4 pieces of the marketing launch formula together, you get the timeless formula: A+O+B+T+C

The “4 Marketing Skills”  are:

2. Our Roadmap Let’s You Shortcut Your Path To Success By Using The Principals Of Big Companies Who Have Already Penetrated The Market.

Roadmap is our proven operating systems that let us deploy winning offers, again and again. 

Forged through years of launching successful campaigns, Roadmap is how we implement our systems to ensure our clients get results. 

Every marketer uses the same principles. With our roadmap, we identify how companies from successful startups to Billion-dollar companies are using the same Navigation skills to crush their markets.

This makes success as simple as applying your own unique brand message to these proven principles.

With the right Roadmap, there is no need to reinvent the wheel or die as a pioneer on the Oregon trail  when you can immediately implement the best practices needed to win.

Now while anyone can create a profitable business if they have a  good implementation of Navigation and Roadmap principles, 

There’s only ONE way to get there in the fastest way possible. 


3. Professional Attention & Implementation Lets you Achieve Your Business Growth In The Shortest Amount Of Time.  

There’s a reason why you are researching marketing companies: 

marketing firms with a good track record are difficult to find. 

For most of our customers, our point of contact in the company wears multiple hats. They might be head of marketing, head of sales and they also help with accounting. 

We even have one customer where our primary point of contact is their receptionist who is expected to execute their marketing campaign between answering phone calls. 

There’s a reason why athletes, CEOS and successful people invest in coaches and mentors. 

Coaching is the “secret ingredient” that helps them get to the top of their field. 

We all have  blind spots. 

 The faster we can eliminate those blind spots,  the faster we can move ahead of our competitors and get the growth we need. Even here at Vectis, we invest thousands each year training our staff to be on the cutting edge of marketing techniques. 

As a business owner or marketing director, your company may not even know what they don’t know. You need the steps to reach your business growth as fast as possible. 

The ONLY way to get ahead of the competition is through ongoing feeback from a coach who is already excelling in the field,  has a track-record of growth, knows the path, and who can draw on their active knowledge of market conditions to help you shortcut your path to success. 

That’s Why…

We’re the fastest way to get leads, and the proven marketing agency for rapidly growing a multi-million dollar business with online traffic. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Making Marketing Easy

There are three problems in the industry 

  1. Marketing Campaigns that don’t work
  2. Marketing companies who ghost their clients
  3. Marketing companies who only respond when clients micromanage them.

By taking ownership in each of these three areas, we are able to deliver consistent results in a push-button process. 

Our Why

Marketing Campaigns That Generate Financial Freedom

Every time our clients hire more employees, or invest their earnings into generational assets, we know that our work is making a lasting impact. 


We have a proven system. We adapt the system to each client and then deliver results. 


Our clients are too busy to handle every aspect of their marketing. We must expect them to overlook important things. It is our job to dig deep, think diligently, innovate and deliver. We should be taking walks, just to contemplate our client’s campaigns. 


Our clients are investing an important percentage of their marketing budget with us. We must provide clarity on what our strategy is and back that with deliverables. 


Most marketing companies have poor communication. Communication is almost as important as the marketing, and the scheduled client conversations reflect that. 

Our Leadership

The Faces Behind our Success

Quinton Hamp

Director Of Marketing

Jonnah Pursselley

Project Manager

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