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Our Marketing Services Aren't For All Businesses.

My goal was always to have a boutique agency — one that was nimble enough to deliver outsized results for small businesses.

We need to help small business punch above their weight class. 

The only way to do that was to customize our campaigns for each client and their target audience. 

We’ve been able to maintain that sweet spot by only partnering with clients that we can deliver results for.  Here is who we are looking for in a client.


Client Requirements

An Active and Healthy Book of Existing Business

Vectis Marketing has tried, unsuccessfully, to be the savior of small business and the king of Startups.

Authentic Brand-building is a slow process. Granted, we shave years off the growth cycle and start getting results in as little as 30 days (Google Ads can start in as little as 48 hours), but it takes time to build a reliable funnel of leads.

Startups need a sales system that will deliver sales immediately and on a shoestring budget. For most startups, that’s going to look like a lot of cold email, cold calling, door-knocking and signage.

Once cashflow is established, we’re here to help those businesses get to the next level.

We’ve learned this one the hard way — mostly through our own startups. (Quinton Hamp has built and exited 3 web businesses — one of them for 6 figures). As a result, we avoid early-stage startups.

A Good Reputation

We’ve had clients who want to rank #1 in Google, but the business reputation is in the gutter.
Their Google star rating is in the toilet, their Yelp rating is in the toilet, their employees hate them on Glassdoor and we’re guessing that even their relatives hate them.

Trust is central to our strategy. We can only work with businesses who have a healthy customer culture of excellence.

Not MLM or Get-Rich-Quick Marketing

MLM’s have their place. However, they also have thousands of lines of legal code regulating how they are promoted.

To avoid running afoul of these rules, we avoid helping MLM representatives with their exposure.

That's It!

As you can see, most small businesses will qualify to work with us. 

Our customers begin to see results within 30 days, and the progress they see grows as they invest in their brand. 

We’re looking forward to helping your business get to the next level. 

*Time frames and results will vary from market to market.