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What Makes Vectis Marketing Different

Most marketing agencies have never worked in the industrial manufacturing world. 

Vectis Marketing was forged in manufacturing communities, most notably during our founder’s time in Rockford , Illinois (Historical hometown of Ingersoll Rand).

Our founder has spent time wearing safety gear and working quality assurance on production lines through college. From there, he switched to working with an outside agency, selling paint and chemicals to the local steel plants. 

Today, we specialize in creating customer acquisition funnels tailored to the industrial market. 

Manufacturing contracts can take years to close, and often rely on pre-built relationships. Using technology, we are able to shortcut that system, building relationships faster and shortening the deal cycle. 

Watch the video to learn more about why our process is different. 

Brands That Trust Vectis

Case Studies In How Manufacturing Clients Use Organic Search To Drive Leads

Solar Lighting International – #2 for “Solar Street Lights”

Solar Lighting International is a global brand that offers highly-engineered street lights with excellent cooling and low lifetime costs. During Month 1, a redesign of the site was provided, and an aggressive Google Paid Search campaign was started. Thanks to improved conversion rate optimization and the addition of an in-depth Frequently Asked Questions section, the Google Ads were immediately profitable. Additionally, an SEO campaign was applied to the site with multiple targets aimed at targeting multiple geographic locations such as Saudi Arabia and Africa. Over time, SLI outranked Phillips Electronics USA and Walmart for terms critical to the industry. To date, the SLI website and 1 sales member continues to be the sole source of leads for the entire company. 

solar street lighting in google

DeJong Consulting – 9-Figures Annually in Food Plant Consultation

DeJong Consulting came to us at a crossroads: they could hire a new outside sales rep, or they could invest in digital marketing.

We started off with a full review of their most profitable business lines, and then created a keyword map of common search terms that mapped to those business lines.

From this review, it was clear that most areas of expertise was missing from their website. Our next step was to create the content and a landing page for each line of business. Paid Google Search was used to drive traffic to these pages, driving 12-16 sales conversations a month.

The third step was assisting in the creation of a series of whitepapers that required an email opt-in to access. A sequence of automated emails was instituted, increasing the responsiveness of leads and shortening the sales cycle from 12 months to under 6 months.

It's 2023: Outsides Sales For Manufacturing Is Changing

Outside sales reps are the lifeblood of any business.

In the manufacturing industry, there are two macro changes happening that are changing how outsides sales are being done:

  • Senior staff are retiring across the nation, ending the long-established relationships and handshake agreements that have powered American manufacturing since the end of the 1960s.
  • Millennials are being promoted to Senior positions. Their research and buying decisions are more often made through online channels.

Because of these changes, window of opportunity has opened for manufacturers to seize a “first-movers” advantage and position their companies for the coming industry shift.

Right now, ad rates and SEO are the cheapest they likely ever will be, making it the perfect time to gather market share.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing In Springfield Missouri That Makes Money

As Springfield’s elite digital marketing firm, we are focused on stacking individual digital marketing services so that the marketing campaigns provide an exponential return.

Traffic isn’t enough. Anyone can generated traffic. What our customers need is more customers.

And that requires Trust.

Trust comes from a recognizable Brand story  and Relationship.

The right marketing campaign is going to use things like social media advertising, search engine ads, search engine optimization and website development to share this brand message, capture users, retarget, and build a relationship with potential customers.

Our expertise is in combining traffic acquisition with branding, making us one of the best advertising agencies when it comes to hitting your business objectives for growth. My making the sales funnel an integral part of your marketing strategy, we are able to customize the relationship-building and onboarding process to convert more traffic into customers.  

Thanks to modern technology, most of this can be automated, freeing up your staff to focus on the visitors who show “raise their hand” and show the greatest interest in becoming your client.


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