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Why aren’t visitors coming to your site?

An unoptimized website is like business cards sitting in your sock drawer.

If your business can handle more customers, search engine marketing is the solution.

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Brands That Trust Vectis Marketing

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Google uses over 200 factors to decide where a site should rank.

Things like Site Title, Headings, Content, and Images serve as ranking signals.

Improving your site’s position requires a marketing campaign that optimizes these signals both on-site and in business name mentions around the internet.

This tool provides a free snapshot of the top on-page factors that can be optimized.

See how well you are doing!

Featured Results

Pip Lancets – 9 Months to 58,000 Visitors a Month

This monthly membership site had an effective social media campaign, and wanted to strengthen their owned media.

We created a content campaign around content that would

1) Target newly-diagnosed diabetic patients and

2) Rank quickly In Google by targeting market gaps.

We also built their domain authority through a strategic outreach campaign that let us get more grassroots mentions of their brand.

SpyCentre – Replacing The Storefront

This business received a notice that their lease would not be renewed at 2 storefronts.

To prevent laying off employees, the business owner built an ecommerce site on Shopify and sought our help with Search Engine Marketing.

This business operates in a sensitive niche with many products that are banned from Google Ads. This necessitates a strong search engine presence to sell those items.

We used the content gap strategy to quickly seize opportunities in their niche, and helped them ramp up their domain authority to compete with more established sites.

Within 18 months, the Ecommerce site had replaced the lost sales from the previous storefront locations. Organic traffic drives about 40% of their revenue with paid traffic and Fulfillment by Amazon making up the rest.

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Trufast Tree Service – #1 Local Ranking


This local tree-trimming business was spending 4 figures to promote their business on Google Ads.

We worked with them to establish their organic presence, moving the to position #1 in Google within 10 months and #2 in the Maps.

Their business is now positioned higher than their long-established competitors, and is the area’s premier choice for tree-trimming. .

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Search Engine Optimization For Springfield

Search engine optimization is the “magic” that moves a site higher in Google.

When your business is one of the top-3 websites in the search engines, it will receive the bulk of the customers searching for that service.

Generally, customers will choose from the top-3, and occasionally from the top-5 results.

If you have been working with other SEO agencies and are frustrated by slow ranking improvement, it may be time for a change in your online marketing campaign.

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Fast SEO Rankings

“SEO takes time.”

We won’t argue with that sentiment, however, it generally does not need as much time as most agencies require.

A properly optimized site will generally see ranking improvements in month 1 of a campaign.

We’ve taken brand-new sites and put them on the first page of Google in as little as 13 days for our clients.

Even if the SEO process requires months to claim the top spot, outsized and aggressive action should be delivered in the first week to make sure we “beat the clock”.

How Search Engine Marketing Works

“Magic” is a poor answer. Here is a high-level overview of the process we use to optimize your site for the search engines.


While pay-per-click is not a requirement, it is essential to have a reliable stream of leads while the slower SEO processes do their work. Our first conversation should be centered on ensuring you have a steady stream of leads to keep your employees paid and your lights on. Pay-Per-Click with Google ads is the perfect customer acquisition channel for the early stages of most any business.

On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is your ticket to unlocking the heart of search engines. From the keywords used on the page to the depth of content on the site, all of these signals help the search engines determine where to place a page. Content-creation is almost always at the core of what we do, and we have processes to help streamline this process so you can stay focused on your core business, while we develop your message. On-page optimization is everything. We work page-by-page looking at factors like Keyword Density, Title Tags, Meta Tags (less important these days), and Anchor Text. Sometimes this is referred to as "technical SEO", and it is one of the areas that we do better than just about anyone else.

Off-Page Optimization

The world-wide-web is an interconnected virtual network of trust signals. Part of search engine optimization is helping your site find its place on that web. A new website has no trust. Then you build out a Facebook page and a Google My Business and get a few reviews on your social media. The trust starts to grow as your web presence does. We come along and speed up that process -- optimizing your online presence for SEO -- building those trust signals in a specific formula to get faster results. Let us do the dirty work of maintaining your business presence across hundreds of citations and social platforms that you've never heard of.

Why Do Springfield Businesses Need SEO?

Improved Visibility

When customers see your business in the ads, in the maps, and at the top of Google, they are more likely to trust you, simply from the brand recognition. Effective SEO means that your company is in front of the customers that matter. It also means that your company is the first one news agencies call when they need a trusted local opinion.

Targeted Traffic

Remember the yellow pages? Search engines are the most popular way for people to find businesses to work with. When you invest in search engine optimization, you are investing in the most targeted traffic. These customers are actively seeking a solution and are the most likely to convert.

Market Domination

A strong position online makes it difficult for competing local business to move into your territory. Establishing your business online Increases your business’ credibility and is the most important component to maintaining a predictable flow of new business.

More Business

When potential customers do a search using keywords related to your product or service, it’s important that your website and other online properties show up on the first couple of pages. These listings are known as organic search results.

Digital Marketing Matters

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Search engines run the world. How your website shows up online is everything. An authoritative online presence brings more customers, allows you to charge higher rates, and reduces the sales cycle.

At the heart of SEO is trust. Why should search engines trust your site? It’s more than just putting keywords on your page a certain number of times. The core of our work is our unique plan to build your online authority with our trust-based ranking system.

With more and more companies vying for top-rankings, the window is closing for small businesses to put their stamp on the local market.

With over 8 years of experience and thousands of page-1 rankings, we bring a depth of experience to each campaign that is difficult to match. Additionally, our staff trains weekly on the latest search engine algorithm changes so we can deliver the best service.

We have SEO marketing experience in Springfield and on national campaigns. This allows us to confidently work in some of the most competitive markets such as Chiropractic SEO and Lawyer SEO.


How We Can Help

At Vectis, we are a full-service digital marketing agency. We provide SEO services for small businesses to eCommerce stores with 7-figures a month in revenue.

Web design and internet marketing are all we do.

We’re a full-service, turn-key agency that handles everything from content creation, content marketing, link building to reputation management and social media marketing.

We only work with businesses that want to increase traffic, sales and establish their brand. (Yes, there are some businesses that are scared of growth. That’s ok, we understand. We can only work with businesses that want growth.)

Vectis is a top Springfield MO SEO company with thousands of page 1 rankings. We look forward to doing the same for you.